Learning How To Fail.

Learning how to fail sounds like an oxymoron right? But before you discredit this word hear me out.

The Holy Spirit has been ministering to my heart for years about learning how to fail, and this my definition of the phrase:

Learning how to fail is learning to shift your focus, correct mistakes, reject failure and keep trying with dogged determination.

I recently experienced a very tough situation. I thought I had dotted all my “I’s,” and crossed all of my “T’s,” but in the interim unexpected events occurred. I was distracted. And, I wasn’t as prepared as thought, so my confidence was shaken. After the fact, I felt as if I didn’t clearly hear from God, and questioned my abilities. I started thinking maybe this isn’t for me so maybe I should give up, quit. Then I started questioning God why did He let it happen the way that it did, even though I diligently prayed about it and it still didn’t work out. It wasn’t successful, I thought. In that moment it felt like God wasn’t near, and He wasn’t hearing me. So next came self-loathing, sadness and victimization. So I went to bed quite despondent that night.

How many of you ever went through those same type of situations?

The following morning, a page from the Bible, which was open on my bedside, kept flapping from the wind of the fan and woke me up. So I picked it up and there were verses highlighted: Habakkuk 2:2-4:

Then the Lord answered me and said: Write the vision and make it plain on tablets, that he may run who reads it. For the vision is yet for an appointed time.; But at the end it will speak, and it will not lie. Though it tarries, wait for it; Because it will surely come, it will not tarry … But the just shall live by His faith.

When the verse opened with, ” The Lord answered me.” I felt like God was speaking directly to me. Like He was saying, “Are you done, are you finished feeling sorry for yourself?” Now let me speak! Next, the verse ” that he may run who reads it,” really spoke to my heart. I interpreted it as the dreams, goals and plans that we all have, God put in our hearts, so we have to cement it by affirming it, writing it down, or writing it on our hearts. Once we do that, we have to “run” with it! When we define the word run, it’s not only talking about the physical aspect of running, but also keeping in pace, pushing forward, the courage to keep going and not giving up!

So I felt God was ministering to me that part of my problem was not finishing what I start. How many of you start projects, relationships, jobs, businesses; and when you face obstacles you give up or quit instead of pushing through the hard times? Everything has a learning curve. So many don’t make it past that stage to see the fruits of their labor; to see their dreams manifest.

So the problem is when we give up, we stunt our growth. And guess what? God leaves you there spiritually until you gain the courage and faith to try again. God will not make things just happen for you. You must do your part. The Bible says faith without works is dead. You will have to “apply” to your life what you say you believe in the Bible. That was truly a revelation to me. I thought if you prayed about it God automatically will do it.  But beloved, we have to do our part by studying, training, getting the necessary knowledge; and most importantly, having faith in God to do it so He can bless the fruits of our labor.

Life is so hard and uncertain. When you think you have it all figured out, something comes and knocks the wind out of you. But beloved, God is ministering to us through the wind. We must not FOCUS on the wind, but on God! It’s not about your looks, intelligence, talent, skills or lack thereof. As a believer, God wants us to let go of pre-programmed, worldly thinking, and focus squarely on Him! Zechariah 4:6, says it is “Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit, says the Lord of hosts.”

Many have worn themselves out trying to make things happen in their own strength. With their limited knowledge or with their gifts. I’m tired of trying to do it on my own. I don’t about you! But it has taken me all these years to let God lead. To let God develop me for His will. The problem is we try to make things happen before God is ready to use us! And when we fall on our face, oftentimes we blame God, and dwell on our hurt and pain. But can I tell you, God lets us go through that because it is part of His plan to mold our life. To strengthen us. To make us warriors. To make us undefeatable. It’s like building muscle. You do know that in order to build muscle, you literally have to tear up tissue so it can heal, get stronger, then grow bigger. That’s what God is doing: tearing us up in the inside. He’s tearing up our detrimental thinking, negative emotions, and mental weakness so that we can grow bigger in faith.

The world’s failure is our spiritual training for the kingdom of God. Beloved, there are pockets in our character that need to be healed. Many suffer from childhood trauma that is directly related to fear, rejection, and abandonment issues in childhood. So God allows these situations to cleanse those areas of your life so that you can be the best representation of you! Albeit, some of your relationships, businesses, careers may still not work out to your expectation, but it is the “process” that God is using to clean you up, prepare you for the kingdom, and give you the life that HE wants you to have. Be blessed.

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