God Wants Us To Pass The Test. #Georgefloyd #BreonnaTaylor

In our natural lives, before we can become qualified in an area of study or certify our competence for promotion, we must pass a test. In order to be proficient on that test, we must study. However, spiritual laws operate very differently. In regards to our spiritual life, God gives us the test first, then the lesson.

George Floyd’s death is a test. It is a test that yet and yet again, America keeps failing. Therefore, God keeps retesting us. Finally in 2020, we have pulled out our Cliff Notes and are taking His tests more seriously. We, as a nation; as a people; as a society, need to study God’s lessons. We need to study what we can do individually to pass the test of racism in our communities, schools, and social structures. IT IS NOT ONLY just up to the police department to change its practices; it’s up to all of us to create change in our families and communities.

The lessons we need to study are: examining our character, morals, intent and perspective of others. Our lesson is to stop chanting “No justice, no peace,” until we start enacting “peace” in our own home, toward our loved ones, neighbors, and community. Our lesson is to stop chanting “Stop the violence,” until we stop killing each other; whether by gun violence, molesting family members, domestic violence; or by physical, mental or emotional abuse. Healing first starts in YOUR OWN FAMILY. Compassion, love, and acceptance first start in YOUR family; only then can it spread to the community. Only then can it CHANGE laws. Only then can it CHANGE A NATION!

More, the Coronavirus pandemic is a test. Now scientists and researchers must go back and study Covid19, to not only find its point of origin; but also a cure. They must study its biology, mutation and transmission. Linearly, Covid19 is testing us as a people. Our faith is being tested. Our profession, family, finances, belief system, and our health are being tested.

We must now go back and study. We must study what we must do differently, what we must change, and what we can do better. We must gauge what steps we must take to become our best: emotionally, financially, physically and mentally. We must learn what we need to do individually to position ourselves to defeat any triumph we face. We must study what God is telling us individually in this time.

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