Are You a True Reflection of Your Inner Man?

Be loosed Captive Daughters! Isaiah 52:2

Let’s explore the workings of the “inner man.” In this context; the character, morals, spirit and soul. People will pass through your life at different times and different seasons. We will never truly know the inner life of a man. That’s why every relationship– business or personal–must be brought to the throne room of God for prayer, insight and revelation. This should always be your course of action as well. God always gives revelation. Of a recent situation, God put on my heart Isaiah 52:2. God tells Jerusalem to loose yourself from the bonds of your neck O captive daughter of Zion! Isaiah clearly states that God’s people are bound and need to be loosed. Many have given their lives to Christ but sadly are still in bondage spiritually. Accepting Christ doesn’t mean automatic deliverance from things that bind us. Others are willfully participating in behavior that does not honor God. Most bondage comes from your childhood, or your past. Many have been badly hurt by others. Because of improperly compartmentalized, or misaligned pain, some have made unconscious agreements with spirits of bitterness, anger, unforgiveness, control, manipulating, seducing and deceiving spirits. Others are in bondage because of behavior that grieves God’s Spirit. Behavior such as participating in astrology, numerology, tarot cards, palm reading, and visiting psychics and fortune tellers. Be not deceived these things are an abomination to God!

Leviticus 19:31 (GNT) .“Do not go for advice to people who consult the spirits of the dead. If you do, you will be ritually unclean. I am the Lord your God.

You’re seeking to know the future by supernatural means. It brings demonic activity into your life! It may seem harmless, but it is extremely dangerous and Christians are not to dabble in Satan’s playground. What I have ascertained is that some people have been living in their brokenness so long they believe it as truth or justify it. They are deceived by the enemy! Sadly, some use scripture out of context to support their belief system. I always say you will know a person by the people who are closest to them. If your inner circle are those who cheat others, cheat on others, get over on others, manipulate, seduce others for benefit or profit, lie, are unscrupulous, steal, fornicate, gossip– it’s time for you to take a good look at your spiritual mirror! That’s a gauge on where you stand spiritually. Proverbs 11:9 says, by knowledge you shall be delivered. Beloved, many have hurt wounds that haven’t healed. And sadly they have become infected, and are infecting others subsconsiously by unacknowledged pain or consciously by means of manipulation and control. When people believe their own truth the best thing you can do is pray God opens their eyes because they are blinded by deception. Those unhealed places in the soul, and the consulting of witchcraft devices are dwelling places for unclean spirits to operate. That’s why there is confusion in so many relationships because there are demonic spirits at work behind the scene. God’s people need to be loosed from these things so that they can operate at their highest capacity in the things of God. Pray and ask God to reveal anything that may be hidden in your spirit or the spirit of others that you can’t see, or aren’t consciously aware of. He will. Be blessed!

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