Today, the Spirit of God is heavy on this earth. I am not the type to write fire and brimstone messages but this message is heavy on my heart. I just show up to prayer and let God have His way. There is a rebuking and binding in the spirit; a chastisement of His church. My heart wept and is sorely greived at the revelation of corruption in God’s churches now. Because of the scare of this pandemic, many church leaders are turning to the idols of their heart, for fear of lack of provision. EZEKIEL 14:7,8. God’s Spirit is crying out for the Salvation of His people because of the turning of heart from Him to their wicked ways! God is giving His ministers a chance to repent; to reconcile with Him, to turn from their evil ways or else destruction will fall on their house! It is up to you (you know who you are) to hear what ‘thus said the Lord.’

Oh how God loves His children! Anytime God’s Spirit cries out and weeps and interceeds for a people, God really loves that nation and wants them to turn back to Him. Some have turned to the idol of their heart and may not even realize it! I can attest, many have prayed for me when I was blinded by sin, calling myself a ‘Christian’ while grieving The Spirit of God! But God delivered me out of Satan’s trap! AMEN! He removed the demonic veil that was used to try to steal my soul. EZEKIEL 13:17-18. Beloved, many Christian leaders are being bewitched by the idol of their heart. (EZEKIEL 13:17, 14:3) Mammon, fame, unethical church growth, lust, adultery, fornication, porn, manipulation, seduction, marketing tactics, sedition. These are disgraces to God’s Holy Altar! God is sending out an altar call to revive His church! Many He said will perish because of blaspheming His Name- the ‘self-proclaimed’ prophets, prophetess, teachers, evangelists ministers whom He has NOT called or those turned away to the idols of their hearts. And many churches WILL NOT return after Covid. Some have already fallen by the waste side. God closed churches so that ‘His people’ can be spiritually awakened! Be blessed!

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