New blog post: The Killing Season: In the time of #Coronavirus

We are definitely in a killing season. Ecclesiastes so eloquently reminds followers of Christ that there will be contrasting seasons in our lives. We know this, but when the season of death comes upon us it is never easy to bear. But God has a plan and His hand on it all! Though the spirit of death is moving over the earth, the Bible reminds us in Exodus 12:7-13, to cover our door posts with the blood of the lamb: His Son. Though we’re covered by the blood of Jesus, we all feel the ramifications of this pandemic. Many are physically dying of Coronavirus, while others are succumbing to mental, emotional, relational, financial and material death. Contrarily, the beauty of the promises of God is we know there will yet again come a time of harvest!

Though you may feel like the enemy is burying you, rest assured, God’s only planting you deep down in isolation so you will emerge stronger and higher! Many are heavy burdened in this season. Gloom may cause you to doubt that you will make it through this time of testing, be encouraged, God is only killing off things in you that are unfruitful and unproductive. He’s killing off dead weeds in order for your true beauty to blossom. God’s dealing with the heart in this hour. He’s purifying you from the inside out. He’s stretching your faith, teaching you to trust Him. He’s working out your spiritual muscles for HIS greater good in your life! He’s preparing your hands for war and your fingers to fight. Haven’t you noticed? The more of the enemy’s territory you conquer, the stronger you are? Like it or not, a Christ follower will always have battles. But how reassuring is it that Psalm 34:19 says, many are the afflictions of the righteous, but God delivers him out of them all! God has a purpose for your life. He may have allowed your loved one to leave this earth, He may have allowed you to suffer loss, He may have allowed loneliness and depression.

However beloved, find solace in the fact that after this Coronavirus death, that truly is killing us all in some aspect of our lives- there will come new life! You’ll emerge stronger than before. You’ll have a better job than before. You’ll be connected to a new like-minded community. Your relationship with God will be stronger. You’ll find your purpose. Most importantly, you’ll know that your loved ones-those in Christ- their demise was not a final goodbye, more so, a temporary leave of absence until you join them in heaven! Be encouraged, God loves you!

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