When we think about summer, we think about beautiful flowers, a beaming sun, and picturesque landscapes. Slowly, winter soon creeps in and destroys the flowers, dries up the grass and barrens the trees. The beautiful idyllic scenery we saw for a season is now faded to gray, is dark, cloudy and cold. But rest assured, though what seems an eternity, Summer will soon come again. As so, when steel is made for use, pieces of metal are placed over burning hot fire; rolled, molded and pounded until it takes the form of a beautiful shining artifact. In some parts of South Africa, when the winter season is over, the withered grass is burned to the ground so unadulterated grass can grow healthily.

Some of you may have started out in the Summer’s of life — blissful, happy, skipping through the flower fields; but now the harsh winter has killed your quaint life. It has uprooted your beautiful garden and turned your greenery into weeds. Weeds that have wrapped itself around you, and are seemingly choking your family, finances, health and emotions. Contrarily, some of you are like that lump of cold, steel, metal. You were fine just the way you were, living life day-to-day trying to survive on what little you have and make ends meet. Suddenly, your life takes a dramatic turn. Everything that  you were familiar with has dramatically shifted. It seems as if everything in your life has turned into  ashes and flew away. Because of this you’re angry, upset and have lost hope! Even though you’re feeling the heat in every aspect of your life, you’ve now let the fire of anger consume you! You can’t possibly see another Summer approaching for you, and you’re blinded by God’s shining light. You’re wondering what did you do to deserve this nightmare of a life.

The purpose is in your pain! Beloved, we often talk about going through pain to allow God to  stretch us, strengthen us, and mold us. But what I want to talk to you about today is: HOW TO HANDLE HEARTBREAK WHILE WAITING ON GRACE. 2 Corinthians 12:19 says, “My Grace is sufficient for thee!” (NKJV). I don’t know about you, but many who are suffering are waiting for this grace to show up! I believe we will never understand the cause of suffering or why God allows it. But, the point of this message is to state that GOD DOES ALLOW SUFFERING! Beloved, the devil can do nothing outside of God’s will or control. You have to get out of the mindset of thinking your enemies, people or circumstances have control over you. Your have to turn your mind over to knowing that God has His hands in this situation; and may His will be done! You have to stand firm and believe that “all things works together for good to those who love God” (Rom 8:28). But here’s the most important part that people miss: “to those who have been called according to His purpose.”  Beloved, if you have been called quite simply you are going to go through trials. Whether you choose to adhere to this calling determines how long you stay in the wilderness spiritually.

In the book of Job, when Job’s friends aimlessly try to tell him why God is punishing him, Job retorts in Job 19:6:

Can’t you see this is God who has done this? (GNB)

Beloved, I am asking the same question today: if you are a person who serves God and believes in truth and righteousness, can’t you see that God has his Hand in everything pertaining to your life? The purpose is in your pain! Take your eyes off the situation and turn them toward heaven; on your God, your Redeemer, and your Justifier.

Hosea 12:6,

Trust in your God and return to Him. Be loyal and just, and wait patiently for your God to act (GNB).

Bitterness and anger distorts your view of God. It prevents you from seeing God clearly. You must trust wholeheartedly and believe that the end result will turn out for your good! In Job 23:11, Job says, “I follow faithfully the road he chooses, and never wander to either side” (GNB). Though hard it may be, we must follow God faithfully! He’s directing the purpose for your life! Even though you may be in the midst of “the valley of the shadow  of death,” God is directing your purpose! Even though you are going through hurtful and painful situations where it seems like there is no way out, cling close to God. Don’t let go of Him with doubt, fear and unbelief. He’s teaching you some things you don’t know about yourself. He showing you how strong you are. He’s teaching you how to go the distance. He’s teaching you how to wait on Him so you can be proficient in your purpose!

Job 36:15 says,

But God teaches men through suffering and uses distress to open their eyes (GNB).

God is leading you to your purpose, you can’t quite clearly see it yet!

-Puah Neiel










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