Fashion On The Hudson

Spring was in full bloom this summer at Fashion On The Hudson runway show Saturday,  July 11, at Riverbank State Park. The event was sponsored by Fashion News Magazine and hosted by its Editor-in-Chief, the lively Mrs. Sofia Davis. 

Hot Fuscha, fire orange, sunny yellow and vivid green were amongst an array of bold shades coloring the runway. The cuts, tailoring and designs of the many up-and-coming fashion designers’ pieces were bold, eccentric and classical enough to hold its own weight in the competitive world of high fashion.  

There were over 33 designers letting their fashions speak for itself on the runway, while 100-plus models strutted their stuff–fierce catwalk style–adding to the chatter. The event had a huge turnout with well over 500 people in attendance while the media was in full paparazzi mode! 

Amongst designers showcasing their lines were: Kenya Smith, Planet Motor Sports designer and winner of The Beauty Olympics, who took home the coveted $5000 prize. Ms. Smith rocked the runway with haute leather racing couture, replete with helmets and racing boots. DeMoshelle, artistic director of DM Fashions, was personally one of my favorite designers! DM Fashions showcased very elegant, form fitting and body hugging pieces that accentuates the female body of all shapes and sizes.

Classic Royalty’s designer Anita rivers, was by far my favorite designer! It was emotions of pure awe and exhilaration as I anxiously awaited to see what design would strut down the runway next! Trendy, elegant, chic, sophisticated, colorful, and fun were adjectives that describe Classic Royalty’s line! Crissy Crawford’s Runway Couture line catered to the simple, but elegant woman. Feminine, classy, and romanic evening on the town describes this line. 

Clarence Black did not disappoint; bold Fuschas, purples, and greens added to his trendy, yet feminine designs with hip models sporting page boy caps and fedoras. Designer Chyvonne’s line highlighted 50’s glamour, with its juxtaposition of patterns, cinched waists, pencil and chiffon skirts. Jacquetta Harvey’s A Bridge To London line, catered to the sensual woman with body hugging catsuits. 

Among other designers who showcased lines were: Designer Simms and Thomas Lavon, amongst many others. There were also classical and ballroom dance performances choreographed by dancers representing The Ball New York dance studio and The Broadway Dance Center. 

Fashion Avenue Magazine hosts a monthly Open House for fashion Designers, models, make up artists, stylists, etc., for editorial placement in the magazine. 
Please apply online to Fashion Avenue News Magazine’s open house at:
For Pictures of the event please head over to my instagram page @healingbalmcafepics
-Puja Nagual

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