New book Release: Analyzing Childhood Trauma

Hello Family! I am pleased to announce the release of my second book: Analyzing Childhood Trauma. We will be at the Harlem Book fair this weekend July 21, 2018. Please come out and get your autographed copy!

Analyzing Childhood Trauma is currently on sale at Paperback and soft cover. Link Below ⬇️


Analyzing Childhood Trauma bridges the gap between science and spirituality. This book delves the intricacies and nuances of the human mind, and provides evidence that scientifically proves human behavior is a by-product of genetics, environment, and childhood experiences. Analyzing Childhood Trauma investigates and unravels the affects of mental, physical, and sexual abuse endured in childhood. Most people are suffering emotionally as adults because of invisible scars that were never healed as a child. Until a person identifies these scars, he or she will never become whole. This book answers the many questions that victims of child abuse struggle with. Questions such as: Why do I think the way I do? Why do I behave the way I do? Why do I constantly make wrong life choices? How do I heal from childhood trauma? More, ACT reveals the reasons why you are stuck emotionally. Page by page, it peels back emotional layers and seeks to uncover and heal deep-rooted pain. Do you or a loved one experience moodiness, sadness or depression? Do you suffer from uncontrollable anger, rage, self-destruction and emotional discord? Do you find it hard to relate to and form loving, trusting relationships with others? If you answered yes, then this book can help you heal from your abusive past! Analyzing Childhood Trauma gives you solid solutions on how to recognize emotional triggers, revisit and heal your inner child, and it arms you with proven scientific methods that teach you how to change the way you think through cognitive behavioral techniques.

If this book applies to you or someone you know, please support the cause of mental wellness and mental health. As always, peace, love and light!

-Puah Neiel

Interview with Irina Shaybayeva, Project Runway season 6 winner. 

Couture meets charity was the ongoing theme Saturday night at NY Bridal Week Fashion Show 2015, held at the Holy Apostles Ballroom in downtown Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood in New York City.
April 25, was an evening of style, elegance and advocacy as Irina Shabayeva, Project Runway season 6 winner and human trafficking awareness organization, Freedom Ladder, teamed up to showcase beauty and the beast: Shabayeva’s beautiful bridal collection and the beast of modern-day slavery.

The Church of the Holy Apostles, designated a NYC landmark in 1966, and added to the National Register of Historic Places, juxtaposed perfectly with the event adding just the right touch of grandiose with its high ceilings, geometric stained glass windows and Romanesque Revival architecture.

Guests were in full fashion and benevolent mode looking fresh off the runway stylish, while generously contributing to a raffle held by Freedom Ladder. Participants stood a chance to win swag from: Tyeakia Designs, VU Hair Designs, and Charlotte Jones Opticians among other prizes.

Did you know that the average age of child sex trafficking victims in the United States is 12-14 years-old?

Thomas Estler, founder of Freedom Ladder; a nonprofit sex trafficking awareness organization, says this is exactly why he is so passionate about spreading this message because many people are in the dark about the sex trade industry within the U.S. I got a chance to talk to Mr. Estler about Freedom Ladder’s imprint in the community and the harrowing statistics of this growing pandemic. Mr. Estler stated that “this is not just an international problem,” but one that is vastly encroaching American soil. According to the U.S. Department of State, between 14,500 to 17, 500 human beings are trafficked into the U.S. annually.

I was very shocked by these statistics as this is a cause that I am very vocal about as I too am a victim of sex crimes. Asked what inspired Estler to found Freedom Ladder, he responded, “I was in my 40’s and had asked myself what do I care about?” And the answer that lie strongly on his heart was commercial sex exploitation. Although, he said it wasn’t until after speaking with a trafficking rescue agent who informed him that rescued teens read a lot of comic books that, “a light went off,” and he put two and two together and thus the birth of the comic book, Abolitionista! was born! The irony is that these trafficked children are forced into an adult lifestyle, but their affinity for comics is a stark reminder that they are merely kids. There is no rose without a thorne; out of something that causes so many pain, came something that will prevent this evil from happening to other children!

The artistry, detail and craftsmanship of Abolitionista! is superb! It is terse with fluid pictorials and a realistic story line, with artwork created by Delilah Buckle and Lizbeth R. Jimenez. What better way to engage children in the sex trafficking discussion.


Mr. Estler informed me that anyone who wants to read the book or purchase copies for their loved ones can download it for free on his website: A hard copy can also be purchased online for $7.50.

Moreover, Estler says his mission is to teach children how to protect themselves against sex traffickers. He spreads this message by hosting workshops at “schools, churches, events, homeless shelters and any other organization that would like me to come and speak!” He stated that the workshops teach kids preventive measures; to be aware of their surroundings, learning the signs and language of a sex trafficker, and what to do if they encounter a sex trafficker, among other topics. Mr. Estler is based in New York City. If you would like him to speak at your school, company or event, please contact him at:

In tandem with the bridal runway shows were a surfeit of wedding themed companies on display! Ladies, if you are getting married soon, you may want to take notes!

In attendance were:

Janet M. Florindo
Origami Owl Custom Jewelry

Laura Marie
Wedding, creative and fine art photography

Jane Noriega
Fashion Stylist and costume designer

Delicate Raymond Jewelry Bar

Brooch Bouquets by Nicolasa Cicero
Creator of Nicole “Snooki” Lavalle’s (Jersey Shore TV Personality)
crystal brooch

Dazzle Me
Sandra Senior Creative Director
Multifunctional jewelry and scarves

Lauren Chisholm
Fine Art Jewelry

Kallemeyn Press
Letterpress business cards and invitations

Avianne Jewelers

Among other designers were:

Tyeakia Miles of
Tyeakia Miles Designs
Facebook: Tyeakia Miles Designs

Kristin Costa Designs

The night’s musical guest was: Encypher.


At the event’s end, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Irina Shabayeva, Project Runway season 6 winner. And the conversation went as follows:

Irina! Finally I get a chance to catch up with you tonight! You’ve been so busy throughout the whole event!

Yes! It is a very exciting night!

Shabayeva sounds Jewish. Are you Jewish?

Yes! I’m originally from the Republic of Georgia, but I grew up in Brooklyn!

Are your designs inspired by your Jewish background?

No, my bridal collection is actually inspired by the Victorian and Romantic Era! It is a mix of European and Puritan influence.

Where do you draw your creative inspiration from?

I love couture (laughs)! I love art … art is my first love, it’s how I design! I love details, colors; I love craftsmanship! I’m ultimately inspired by glamour, decadence … I love femininity!

Has winning season six of Project Runway opened many doors for you?

It was great to win but I still have to work hard! It was a stepping stone, but you just keep on going! Like they say, ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day!’

How did you get connected with Freedom Ladder?

Through The Set NYC. It’s an event planning company. They organized the joint venture.

Where do you see your designs in the near future? What would be your ideal platform regarding your work?

I would love … love to show in Paris next season and be featured in Bergdorf Goodman’s windows.

Thanks Irina for taking the time to speak with me! I love your aesthetic eye! Good luck with your line!


Stay tuned….I will be posting pictures of the event soon!

A Christian in Thailand

I had been wanting to go to Thailand since forever! I can remember as a child, it seemed as if every product, toy or candy was labeled, made in Thailand. I envisioned a tropical island with colorful flowers, sandy beaches, and people lounging on hammocks all day, sipping fruity drinks out of coconuts. Thailand…it sounded so exotic! And, it was very fascinating to me that these products came all the way from across the world to my local stores.  

Thai coconut ice cream

Fast forward to now as an adult. Because of the foodie in me, and a penchant to try foods from different countries, I was reacquainted with Thailand. The first Thai dish I tried is still my favorite: Pad Thai! It was love at first bite!  Moreover, Thailand has become quite the popular tourist destination in recent years. Many of my friends have made the trek some 8,000 miles or so across the world, and they’ve all come back telling me how fun, lively and exciting it was! Not to mention all the shopping they’d done and all the great deals they found at rocket bottom prices! It’s settled, I’m going one day, I quipped! 

A few years later, the time, or shall I say times came, but both trips fell through. Quite disappointed, I thought Ok, am I ever going to get to go to Thailand. While complaining to God over the mishaps, a thought came to me, did you ask God should you go. What? Ask God? As a Christian, it didn’t even dawn on me to ask God should I take a trip. I’m so used to taking off and running when I make a decision about something, without first ensuring if it is God’s will. I was then reminded of the Buddhist culture there and the many temples and idol worship in Thailand.

God has taught me over the years, that there are different hierarchies of spirits reigning over different regions of the world. If you pay close attention you will notice that different cities, states, countries have strongholds presiding over it. Whether it’s terrorist groups, abject poverty, violence, drug smuggling etc. I believe that behind the scenes of these problems are demonic entities. I have discerned many different spirits at work over many places I have traveled. And, some places the spiritual warfare was so heavy, I was very uncomfortable and miserable the whole time I was there and it required deep prayer! 
Beloved, no two Christian walks are the same. I had a Christian friend who went to Thailand, and like others, she came back with nothing but rave reviews! That made me even more excited to go! Well, another opportunity came last month for me to make the voyage. So I began to pray over my Thailand trip and asked God for direction, protection and guidance. After enduring 21 plus hour flights, I was finally on Thai soil! We were met at the airport with warm greetings and welcoming smiles. The Thai people are very hospitable, and only in Thailand am I regarded a Ma-damme! Ha! We arrived at our hotel in Sukhumvit, downtown Bangkok close to midnight. Exhausted and in search of food, the streets were alive and full of action. There were so many people out and about in the wee hours of the morning, it reminded me of Times Square in New York City! There was an excess of bars, clubs, restaurants, and to my surprise, street food vendors. Needless to say I had my first sampling of authentic Thai food, and I was not disappointed!  


Upon taking the MRT metro train back that night to the area we were staying in, I wondered had we taken a wrong turn, or went down the wrong street. There seemed to be prostitutes on every corner, including a plethora of transgender sex workers, genitalia statues, T-shirts, key rings, and magnets. There were legalized (or so I was told) sexual enhancement pills sold by street vendors, condoms and, sex toys were openly displayed on vendors’ tables…What?! Either I was too hungry or too tired the night before when we arrived, and didn’t notice this. My whole time in Thailand, this was synonymous everywhere we went. As I continued walking down the crowded street, I felt a hand straddle the small of my back and backside, you’ve got to be kidding me! I turned around and yelled! It was a septuagenarian Westerner claiming to be shielding me from getting bumped into! Yea right! He profusely apologized. 

Which segue’s me into the ubiquity of the many older Caucasian men with very young looking Thai women. There was one couple checking into a hotel, and the girl looked like she was no more than 14-years-old! My heart wept. The culture shock had finally hit me! I did not expect to see an explosion of this type of activity in the central part of Bangkok, but in the more infamous Nana Red Light District, which I’ve  heard so much about. 
That night at the hotel, I just couldn’t stop thinking about what I had seen. It made me realize how blessed I am to be born in a country with a flourishing economy, where a woman has many opportunities to provide for herself and her family in a way that does not demoralize, demean, or devalue her. 
The next few days consisted of touring the country. One of our stops along the way was in Damneon Saduak in Ratchaburi province. We stopped by the elephant riding, Chang Puak camp.  

 Beloved, I have watched many videos and have read about how these elephants are taken away from its families at a very young age in order to be trained to entertain tourists. The training is conducted by the elephants being savagely beaten with bullhooks on the forehead, limbs, and shoulders, and being chained up by themselves for hours at a time for the luxury of tourists wanting pictures riding on them. This cruel and inhumane treatment causes the animals physical ailments, and some literally go crazy.  
Chang Puak Camp
I do not condone animal cruelty, so I choose to feed it instead of ride on it. Later, on a boat ride through the floating market we stopped at a temple. As a Christian, I could not assign myself to go inside the temple, so I admired its history and architecture from afar. At the trip’s end, my friend’s and I discussed the aforementioned, and we all agreed that some of it was a bit unsettling.  

In summation, there was a reason my first two trips didn’t pan out. I thought I was going to Thailand to have fun and share good times with friends. But God had a different plan. He had to prepare me for what I was about to experience. As a person on a spiritual journey, how often do I forget that God direct’s my path for His will. God allowed me to see through the eyes of the spirit, as opposed to eyes of the flesh. I realized that’s why my trip was so different from the people who had gone to Thailand before me. And, I am most thankful for that! It brings me from a place of subjection to objection, from selfishness, to selflessness. To be open to the concerns of our brothers and sisters globally. There are strongholds over this beautiful country that need to be broken: fishing slavery business, idol worship, mammon, child sex trafficking and the remanent of the sex trade, birthed by American soldiers during World War II, that grew exponentially during the Vietnam war; and sadly, remains perpetuated by Westerners to this day. 

In contrast, I love the genuine and sincere hospitality of the people of Thailand. However, like any other city or country there are a few people who may try to take advantage of you. More, I love the architecture, the shopping; spending wisely, you can get more bang for your buck in Thailand! I love the exotic foods and desserts, and being able to have access to organic, locally grown fresh fruits and veggies! You can literally taste the freshness in each bite!     

According to Operation World’s (A Global evangelical organization) statistical data, the percentage of Christians in Thailand is 1.10%. That is a very low number. Beloved, the laborers are few but the harvest is plenty. Luke 10:2

There is a spiritual need in Thailand. You may be asking, “what can I do?” Pray! What I love about prayer is that it reaches the far ends of the world without you ever having to leave the comforts of your home! Won’t you join me? In your prayer time please remember to pray for Thailand. Please pray that God sends the laborers. 

-Puja Nagual
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